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opini-kedua has a mission to allow patients around the world access to Japan healthcare. Japan has a world-renowned healthcare system, testified to by the country’s average life expectancy (84.67 as of 2020). Despite this fact, the barrier to access the country's healthcare is huge, namely the requirement to acquire medical visa, finding channel to the doctors and arranging visits to the hospital, finding place to stay, the Japanese language, and the overall cost and effort. As the first step, We are offering an online service where Indonesian people can request for a second opinion from Japanese doctors. 

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Planet-karte is our second online service, designed to assist fortune-tellers in Japan with managing customer information and creating aesthetically pleasing cards (kartes) to enhance customer satisfaction. Since many fortune-tellers may lack expertise in IT or graphic design, we believe our service can significantly improve their efficiency and appeal to customers.



Founded in 2020, Medica Vera is a Japanese startup comprising a globally-minded, technology-driven team. We strive to address diverse life challenges through innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

The leadership team are as follows:

  • Niko D. Barli

  • Shusuke Chino

  • Masato Iino

  • Shinichiro Seo

  • Takahiro Suzuki

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